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Dr Terrence Scamp Areola Reduction Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Terrence Scamp Areola Reduction Plastic Surgeon - Beautopedia

Dr Terrence Scamp Areola Reduction Plastic Surgeon

Dr Terrence Scamp Areola Reduction Plastic Surgeon

Very large pendulous breasts may cause substantial discomfort. Common complaints include back and neck ache, deep strap marks and skin irritation below the breasts from the constant moisture there. Self-consciousness, restriction of physical activity and difficulty with finding clothing and swim wear may also be a problem. The breast reduction procedure is designed to alleviate these symptoms. The breasts are reduced by removal of fat, breast tissue and skin and usually the nipple is relocated to a higher position as large breasts have commonly sagged.

The pigmented skin around the nipple (areola) is also usually reduced during this procedure. Ideally, the breasts are reduced to a size that is in proportion to the rest of your body. Breast reduction results in substantial scars. There are techniques to minimize scars which are appropriate for some patients, particularly those who are young and not too large and close to their ideal body weight. However, most patients gladly accept the scars for the improvement in comfort that they receive, as the symptoms from large breasts are often quite severe.

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