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Canberra Electrolysis | Electrolysis in Canberra

Canberra Electrolysis | Electrolysis in Canberra


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Canberra Electrolysis – Electrolysis in Canberra

Electrolysis is used to destroy hair roots by using an electric current. It’s a drawn out yet permanent method of removing hair from areas on your body. Men’s chest and back and women’s bikini line, Brazilian and facial hair are among the popular areas treated. The electrolysis options include galvanic, thermolysis and blend. Treating each hair individually is the main thrust of how electrolysis works. Many procedures are carried out safely and effectively, however the electrolysis risks rely on the experience of the electrologist.

Canberra Electrolysis Clinics

Laser Skin Clinic Electrolysis Surgeon
45 Northbourne Avenue
Canberra, ACT 2600

Cosmos Clinic Electrolysis Practitioner
70 Kent St
Deakin ACT 2600

Dr Chandra Patel Electrolysis Clinic
77 Denison St, Deakin ACT 2600

Canberra Electrolysis Cost

The cost for Electrolysis in Canberra varies depending on the size of the area to be treated, the number of hours and treatments required and the desired technique. Since hairs grow at different intervals, the treatment will be spread across multiple sessions. The time required for each treatment varies significantly. For example a mono brow treatment could take 15 minutes, whereas a session for underarms could take a couple of hours. This is why electrologists usually charge on an hourly basis, with costs ranging from $70 to $125 per hour.

The total time required for an area is different for each individual, depending on their skin and the curvature of the heirs. Armpits are estimated to take around 4-12 hours, the bikini area approximately 8-16 hours, the upper lip 4-10 hours and eyebrows from 3-8 hours. Based on these estimates, the total cost for armpit electrolysis would range between $280 and $1,500.

Ask the electrologist how many treatments are recommended and their prices. Private health insurance may cover part of the cost. There may also be a Medicare rebate, but generally Medicare does not cover the cost of cosmetic procedures. Ask your doctor for information about any rebates.

Approaching an Electrologist about Electrolysis in Canberra

Electrolysis in Canberra must be performed by a licensed and qualified electrologist. When choosing a Canberra Electrolysis clinic, research their qualifications, education and training. Make sure the electrologist is experienced in the area you wish to have treated. Ask them how many treatments they’ve performed. Obtain lots of before and after photos of patients they’ve treated for the same area.

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