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Dallas Arasys | Arasys in Dallas

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This guide to Arasys in Dallas includes: general information about Arasys, list of Dallas Arasys clinics, doctors and technicians, reviews, tips, recommendations and other details including costs and related procedures.

What is Arasys? Arasys is a system which emits electrical signals to stimulate cells and muscles. It can be used for inch loss, non surgical butt lift, breast lift, body toning, cellulite reduction and skin tightening. The treatment requires multiple sessions and can also provide a variety of other medical benefits. 

How much does Dallas Arasys Cost? Price Information

Price Range: $$ affordable $$$ moderate $$$$ high-priced

Price Indicator: $$$

Cost of Arasys in Dallas: $110 - $1,320

Average Cost: $740

Fees Include: Some clinics charge per session, whilst others may offer an all inclusive treatment plan cost.

Cost Variables: Each session usually lasts between 17 to 25 minutes. However, you can purchase extended sessions to work on the whole body, lasting up to 50 minutes. The cost for a shorter session is around $120. The price of a longer session is approximately $180. Depending on your desired results, you may require anywhere between 8 and 16 sessions.

Health Insurance: Insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures. However, if the treatment is for medical purposes such as edema (relieving fluid build up), then some insurance companies may cover the cost. Enquire directly with them first.

Medicare/Medicaid: Not covered

Hospital Fee: N/A

Facility Fees: N/A

Ask the clinic for the total cost, the number of treatments recommended and whether they offer any bulk discounts.

Find the Best Arasys Specialist in Dallas

Arasys is a cosmetic treatment which should be performed by a qualified and trained doctor or technician. Some technicians allow their support staff to carry out the treatment. If you can, try to have the registered technician administer the treatment. When searching for an Dallas Arasys specialist, make sure you research their qualifications, credentials, training and experience.

Note: being board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery does not indicate that a doctor is trained and experienced in this treatment. Be sure to ask your practitioner which procedures they specialize in, where they trained and how many treatments they’ve performed. Obtain lots of before and after photos of patients they’ve treated for the same area using the Arasys System.

Even if a specialist has the right credentials, this does not mean they will be good at using Arasys. Apart from researching their formal qualifications and training in Dallas, try to find customer reviews to see the overall satisfaction rate of your potential clinic. Independent recommendations are invaluable for assessing the best MD or specialist who is most experienced in the treatment. Don’t be tempted to opt for the cheapest cost without considering the above factors. A cheap center may not offer the experience you desire. Also, you may wish to consider whether you feel more comfortable with a female or male technician.

Where to find Arasys in Dallas, TX:

Acworth, Aragon, Austell, Clarkdale, Douglasville, Emerson, Hiram, Kennesaw, Lithia Springs, Marietta, Powder Springs, Rockmart, Taylorsville, Temple, Villa Rica.

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Dallas Arasys Reviews

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Arasys FAQs, Tips and Information

Contact Arasys Clinics, Specialists and Doctors in Dallas, TX

American Laser Centers



Dr Neurohr, Hunt

6120 Sherry Ln

DALLAS, TX 75225


Dr Meade, Ricardo

9101 N Central Expy

DALLAS, TX 75231


Dr Draper, Brenda

5468 la Sierra Dr

DALLAS, TX 75231


Dr Rodriguez, Raul

7839 Park Ln Ste 120

DALLAS, TX 75225


Dr Hodges, Patrick

8220 Walnut Hill Ln # 206

DALLAS, TX 75231


North Dallas Facial Plastic Surgery

8230 Walnut Hill Ln #308

DALLAS, TX 75231


Pollock Harlan & Todd

8305 Walnut Hill Ln

DALLAS, TX 75231


Womens Center for Plastic Surgery

7777 Forest Ln Ste C820

DALLAS, TX 75230


Dr Melmed, Edward

7777 Forest Ln Ste A210

DALLAS, TX 75230

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