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Jawline Surgery

This guide provides information about jawline surgery for men and women, how it’s performed, the recovery process and pricing information.

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What is Jawline Surgery?

Jawline Surgery for women

Jawline Surgery for men

How is Jawline Surgery performed?

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What is Jawline Surgery?

Jawline surgery (jaw reshaping) is a plastic surgery procedure where the inferior or lower jaw is reshaped in order to create a more aesthetic appearance. The surgery often involves inserting custom made or off the shelf chin or jaw implants. Cosmetic surgery involving the jawline can be a difficult procedure since there are three sections involved in reshaping this area. These include the patient’s horizontal projection, the transverse width and the vertical dimension.

Jawline Surgery for Women

Women whose face is short in the lower third consider lengthening the vertical dimension with jaw implants. Also, women with a rather masculine chin consider jawline surgery in order to add femininity to their face. Facial harmony, especially in the jaw area, can make a major difference to a woman’s face. For example, a short vertical height from the lips to the chin can make the face look rounded and chubby.

Cosmetic surgeons can use jaw implants to elongate or augment the vertical facial height. This requires a jawline implant for the mandibular border. However, there are no true implants of this type and ordering a custom made implant for this purpose doubles the cost of surgery. Skilled plastic surgeons are able to reshape a stock implant and also use other materials such as Gore-Tex strips to add additional vertical height. This adaptation to surgery is suitable for women rather than men since males often need angle lowering as well.

Jawline Surgery for Men

A well pronounced jawline and chin is an important masculine trait for men. Males with a weak jawline tend to look less masculine than those whose mandible length protrudes to a sufficient degree. Typically, men who are unsatisfied with the lower third of their face have some form of mandibular deficiency.

This can be for a number of reasons, for example where the lower third of the face is vertically undersized or where the patient has an overbite. An overbite occurs where the top jaw sits over the bottom jaw and is usually corrected with orthodontic treatment or orthognathic surgery. However, plastic surgeons may also correct this problem using jaw implants which are custom made using a 3-D CT scan of the patient’s mandible.

Surgeons can create a wrap-around jaw implant based on the patient’s facial measurements to create a more pronounced jawline and chin for the male patient. Custom made implants are often used for male patients in order to create the most desirable aesthetic appearance based on the patient’s individual perceptions of masculinity.

How Is Jawline Surgery Performed?

A submental incision is made underneath the chin, which offers an ideal entry for placement and increased ability to conceal scarring. Once the implant is inserted, it is secured to the bone using titanium screws. This ensures the jaw implant does not move or migrate after surgery. The incision is closed with stitches. The procedure takes around an hour on an outpatient basis and typically general anesthesia is used.

Jawline Surgery Recovery

Following the procedure, you will need to wear submental tapes on your jaw for approximately a week. You will experience bruising and swelling which will last around one to two weeks. You may also have mild to moderate pain. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to alleviate the discomfort. As for eating, your surgeon may require you to eat only soft or liquid foods for the first few days, after which you should be able to progress to softer solid foods. Ensure that you follow your surgeon’s instructions to avoid any jaw injury. With jaw movement, normally patients can resume everyday jaw movements within a day or two following their surgery.

How much does Jawline Surgery Cost? Price Information

Price Range: $$ affordable $$$ moderate $$$$ high-priced

Price Indicator: $$$$

Cheapest Cost of Jawline Surgery: $7,000

Maximum Cost of Jawline Surgery: $12,000

Average Cost of Jawline Surgery: $9,500

These Prices Usually Include: CT scan, jaw model, jaw implant, surgeon fees, hospital/facility fees

Additional costs of Jawline Surgery may include:

- if custom made jaw implants are required

- paid medication

Medicare/Medicaid: Not applicable since it’s a cosmetic procedure

Private Health Insurance: Not covered if surgery is for cosmetic reasons

Financing: Offered by most clinics & cosmetic finance companies

Factors affecting the Cost of Jawline Surgery:

- Which area needs to be projected

- Whether implants need to be reshaped

- The extent of the jaw deformity/deficiency

When asking for a quote, ask the clinic for the total cost including all fees and whether any rebates, specials or discounts apply.

How to Find the Best Jawline Surgery Doctor/Specialist

Jawline Surgery is a plastic surgery procedure which requires specialty training and experience. Although any doctor can be a cosmetic surgeon and claim to practice in plastic surgery, invasive surgeries should only be done by a plastic surgeon that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To ensure the surgeon is also experienced in cosmetic surgery, find out if they are a member of the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). If the surgeon does not have hospital privileges for the procedure, make sure that the surgeon’s facility is accredited, state licensed or certified by Medicare.

Be sure to ask your doctor which procedures they specialize in, where they trained and how many treatments they’ve performed. Obtain lots of before and after photos of patients they’ve treated for jaw reshaping.

Even if a doctor has the right credentials, this does not mean they will be good at performing Jawline Surgery. Apart from researching their formal qualifications and training, try to find customer reviews to see the overall satisfaction rate of your potential doctor. Independent recommendations are invaluable for assessing the best doctor or surgeon who is most experienced in the treatment. Don’t be tempted to opt for the cheapest cost without considering the above factors. A cheap center may not offer the experience you desire. Also, you may wish to consider whether you feel more comfortable with a female or male physician.

Jawline Surgery Reviews

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